Blooming in March

More and more plant are blooming now. Those that are not blooming yet getting new fresh leaves and growth, even old woody plants look rejuvenated. Everywhere you look – something is blooming or popping new leaves, all new, fresh, happy. Lots of California native plants and trees are blooming in March among them are California lilacs and Western Redbud. They are show stoppers and you just can’t not notice them.
California lilacs (Ceanothus) are spectacular. There are different varaeties and different shades of blue – light blues of huge Mountain Lilacs “Ray Hartman”, dipper shades – in smaller ceanothus “Dark Star”, “Joyce Coulter” and “Concha”.

Ceanothus Celestial  Blue

Ceanothus Celestial Blue

Creeping blue seas of sky-blue flowers nicely balanced with good looking wide shiny leaves of ceanothus “Yankee Point” (a.k.a “Carmel Creeper”) and “Joyce Coulter” hug freeway banks and residential front yards. “Joyce Coulter” has more narrow leaves letting some of the weeds to poke through.

Ceanothus Joyce Coulter, masses of blue flowers

Look at this compact and very garden looking Holly Leaf Mountain Lilac “Blue Jeans” – don’t you want one for yourself? As its’ name suggests – purple hue comes into play.

Holly Leaf Mountain Lilac 'Blue Jeans' / Ceanothus 'Blue Jeans'

Holly Leaf Mountain Lilac 'Blue Jeans'

Look at the flowers closeup

Ceanothus Blue Jeans flowers and leaves closeup

Ceanothus Blue Jeans flowers and leaves closeup

But wait – there are white blooming ceanothuses as well – for example look at this handsome bush ceanothus  thyrsiflorus “Snow Flurry”. Very beautiful picture until the white flowers are dried to brown color – making the shrub looking dirty and tattered.

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Snow Flurry

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Snow Flurry

The purplish blossoms of Western Redbud (Cercis occidentalis) and Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) on the bare branches are so beautiful, then when you see it you wonder what is it and want to stop and look and admire.

Flowering redbud tree

Bright and cheery yellow Forsythia blooms on a front yard strip.

Forsythia shrub


Yellow Lady Banks Rose  (Rosa Banksiae “Lutea”) and white Lady Banks Rose (Rosa Banksiae “Alba Plena”) covered banks of freeways and close standing trees in outstanding display of their cascading slender thorn-less stems with dark glossy leaves and double slightly fragrant blooms.

Yellow Lady Banks Rose  (Rosa Banksiae 'Lutea')

Yellow Lady Banks Rose

Indian hawthorn (Rathiolepis indica) shrub is all covered in pink flowers, that that from a distance it look like pink mount (some are made into hedge). This evergreen shrub is tough and low maintenance, which made it so popular that it is used all around BA in the public and commercial landscapes.

Indian Hawthorn

Periwinkle (Vinca minor) is blooming and it is gorgous, look at this blue color.

Vinca minor

Mediterranean Spurge (Euphorbia characias ‘Wulfenii’), bracts of chartreuse flowers, great texture

The Pink Jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum) is a fast growing vine and when it is blooming it is quite spectacular, masses of pinkish white fragrant flowers.

Pink Jasmine

Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is blooming. This evergreen shrub is very popular here and looks great in Mediterranean and Cottage style gardens.

Spanish Lavender  / Lavandula stoechas

Spanish Lavender

Mexican daisy, Santa Barbara daisy (Erigeron karvinskianus) is blooming and it will countiue until fall. This small clump forming tender perennial becoming very popular choice in our area, residential and commertial landscapes due to low water needs and long blooming season.

Mexican daisy, Santa Barbara daisy

Mexican daisy

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