About us

We are two friends who got together to share their lifelong passion for digging dirt and growing beautiful and fruitful gardens.

We are convinced that most beautiful and successful gardens have something in common besides their pleasing aesthetics:

  1. Purpose. These gardens were carefully planned and planted in according with the main purposes/functions of the garden spaces that reflect owners’ vision.
  2. Less is more. The gardens utilized limited variety of plants planted in masses (that could be divided in 4 group by size –very tall – shade trees, tall – above eye level, medium – above knee to eye level and low plants – below knee), and many of those “chosen” serve multiple duty – creating living walls/ceilings, providing several seasons of interest, bringing colors and texture to the garden, being suitable for cutting arrangements or being owners’ family favorite edibles incorporated in landscaping plan …
  3. Sustainable. The majority of used plants is long lived and requires only occasional attention besides appropriate watering and feeding – which is optimized by grouping plants with similar growing requirements.

After you identified your garden spaces and their functions you can use our website to search for the right plants –we’ve posted plants images for every month of the year (focusing on “multiple duty” plants) along with comprehensive list of plants’ features, growing requirements and best uses.

This will insure that you buy plant not just because at the time you’ve visited nursery it looks fantastic – most plants sold at the nurseries at their prime – usually in full bloom and/or actively growing but because the plant is in your “plant list” and it got there because its main features are the best fit for the purpose defined in your landscaping plan.

We are constantly on a look up for proven and new successful garden solutions that work nicely in inland Bay Area. You will find detailed descriptions why we believe it’s a good solution and list some additional recommendation if needed. We are welcoming our friends and readers to post their gardening experiences to help you decide if particular plant or plants combination will work in your landscape.

Our calendar will help you sustain gardening activities after spring enthusiastic start through summer watering, weeding, replanting and nurturing into bountiful fall and groggy winter.

We are working on creating local gardening community of people that are happy to share their positive dirt-digging, planting and eliminating experiments with everyone seeking advise or looking for an answer to their backyard or front yard puzzle. Join us and do your most important gardening job – enjoy your garden suitable for your unique lifestyle, time and budget.

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