Evergreen foundation planting, north side

Design Objectives: All year good looking from inside and out low maintenance foundation planting on business plaza.

Location: North facing glass wall along the busy street with several Kwansan flowering cherries already planted

Main principles: utilized low to medium planting that goes in good proportion to 1 story business building, used different texture and forms to create interesting combination

Colors: Evergreen deep green color

Plants: Shrub – Prunus laurocerasus ‘Zabeliana’ (English Laurel ‘Zabeliana’);


English Laurel ‘Zabeliana’


Perennials – Woodwardia fimbriata (Giant chain fern), Asparagus Meyer fern, Wild ginger, Mexican daisy

Woodwardia fimbriata


Coarse – English laurel; Wild ginger

Fine – Ferns, Mexican daisy

Forms: upright to toward directed branches of English Laurel nicely complimented by even stronger upward fronds of Woodwardia and tail-like stems of Meyer fern. In contrast mounding elegant Mexican daisy softens the strong look and roundish shapes of ginger leaves gives it additional twist.

Repetition: Laurels and Woodwardia planted in even intervals to create rhythm, curved edge of planting bed with defined border echoes the placement of Meyer ferns and soften the formal look of Laurel.

Evergreen foundation planting, north side

Critique: Use of Mexican daisy is questionable – need more sun for better flowering, also planted in most narrow place of the  border – get trimmed every time when lawn under the Kwanzan cherries mowed. Other than that – love the combination, the texture and rhythm of planting, all plants thrive in same conditions.

Recommendations: Instead of Mexican daisy use Wild Ginger as low level planting to add structural definition.

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