Shady garden nook (under trees, along the fence or shady entrance /balcony)

Design objectives: Small compact containerized planting that brings color and interest in shady spot where otherwise nothing would grow  – “bring big smile to the face and brighten the day of passers by or the user of the space”.

Location: Shady entrance or balcony, small dark spot along the fence, bare dirt under shady trees with fibrous roots that restricts planting any groundcover.

Main principles: containerized shade tolerant/loving plants that can be easy moved and placed at different heights. Soft textured lime-colored plants visually brighten shady area.

Colors: main chartreuse/lime, with accents of white, dark pink and apple green.

Plants: subshrub – Arching fuchsia (F. magellanica “Riccartonii” or F. glazioviana), perennials: Maidenhair fern (Adiantum raddianum), Falls Solomon’s seal (Maianthemum racemosum), Hosta “Patriot” and grown as annual – coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides)


Bold – hosta and coleus.
Fine – Fern, False Solomon’s Seal, Fuchsia

Forms: Gentle arching: fuchsia, False Solomon’s seal, Maidenhair ferns create an airy cover. Upright coleus and hosta add vertical lines into composition.

Repetition: Fine fuchsia’s leaves echo fern fronds, dainty drops of fuchsia flower woven into this intricate bright green carpet.

Arching fuchsia takes central stage, surrounded by maidenhair ferns and false Solomon seal. Big variegated leaves of hosta and burgundy streaks on big leafed coleus add interest and bold texture to otherwise uniform and fine whipping texture of ferns and fuchsia.
Fuchsia magellanica ‘riccartonii’ or fuchsia glazioviana with arching habit and dainty single flowers with dark pink tubes and sepals that blend beautifully with dark violet corollas and dark burgundy stems. Magelannica is hardy fuchsia with lime colored up to 4 in long lance-shaped leaves that will re-grow after frost in Bay Are but can fall short to fuchsia gall mite. Glazioviana on the other hand immune to the gall mite (most fuchsias from Brazilian, Peruvian or Bolivian heritage show gall mite resistance) but frost tender – need to be protected or containerized, or grown as annual.  Both fuchsias need protection from afternoon sun in hot inland areas and may grow happily in very shady areas (glazioviana preferred more sun though).

Recommendations: Bringing the potted plants to sheltered area to over winter will give you ahead start next spring. Place a copper foil ring around hosta container and you will never see any holes in its beautiful heart shaped leaves.

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