Meyers Fern (Asparagus densiflorus)

Meyers Fern/ Asparagus

Asparagus densiflorus ‘Meyers’(Meyers Fern aka Foxtail or Pony tail) is not a true fern. This plant belongs to Liliaceae(Lily) Family. Zone 8-9, Sunset 12-24, or indoor, may be killed to the ground by frost most likely will come back from the roots.

This evergreen perennial reaches 2×3 ft on average in BA landscape and may grow less or more in container culture. Interesting foxtail silhouette forms by stiff upright to arching slightly curved stems densely covered with deep green needlelike leaves. Looks the best in part shade inland BA, when planted in well drained, slightly acidic to acidic soil with plenty of organic matter, peat moss, bark or coconut shredding incorporated at the time of planting, mulch.

Plant profile summary:

Name Asparagus densiflorus (Meyers Fern/ Asparagus)
Zone/ Sunset Zone 8-9, Sunset 12-24
Type: Perennial
Size/shape: 2 x 3 ft, somewhat stiff upright stems densely coated with fine needlelike leaves that create foxtail exotic look.
Life Span: Medium
Foliage/ Flower/ Fruits Type/ Color Evergreen in temperate zone, most probable will come back from the roots after frost. Deep green in partial shade or sun where it can take it, yellowish in deep shade.
Sun/ wind Exposure: Part Sun/Part Shade inland BA, sun/part sun in coastal regions, and no salt spray.
Water requirements: Best with regular water, mulch heavily to preserve the moisture can sustain occasional water shortage
Soil requirements: Acidic to slightly acidic, plenty of organic matter, good drainage, mulch heavily to preserve the moisture
Use: Entryways, foundation planting, specimen or container planting, Tropical/Exotic landscape, around ponds and creeks
Attractions – special features: Evergreen in temperate zone, interesting form, deer resistant.
Pests / Diseases: N/A,
Trimming Cut old untidy or yellowish looking stem through the growing season
Caution: N/A