African daisy “Serenity Lavender Bliss” (Osteospermum)

Osteospermum Lavender Bliss /African daisy Lavender Bliss

flower closeup

Osteospemum ecklonis (African Daisy) “Serenity Lavender Bliss” is a compact perennial cultivar, grows 12-18 in tall and spread 24-36 in wide. Hardiness zones 9-11, Sunset - 8, 9, 12-24. The lavender flowers have distinctive spoon shaped petals, leaves are green oval shaped, set densely on the stems. It blooms profusely in spring and continues to bloom all season. Since a single flower may last for about a week, plant gets all covered in a mass of lavender flowers. Prune to promote blooming and compact shape. Plant in full sun. Prefers well drained soil, but tolerates clay soil too. Water regularly until established, after that it is quite drought tolerant. Use in beds, rock gardens and in containers.

Plant profile summary:

Name Osteospemum ecklonis (African Daisy) “Serenity Lavender Bliss”
Zone/ Sunset Zone 9-11/8, 9, 12-24
Type: perennial
Size/shape: 12-18 in tall and 24-36 wide, mounting
Life Span:
Foliage/ Flower/ Fruits Type/ Color Green foliage, lavender daisy-like  flowers
Sun/ wind Exposure: Full sun
Water requirements: Low
Soil requirements: Variety of soil types,  but prefers good garden soil
Use: Containers, rock gardens, groundcover
Attractions – special features: long blooming season, showy flowers
Pests / Diseases: Aphids, mildew , wilt
Trimming Prune lightly after flowering to keep in shape

Osteospermum is really low maintenance plant and is one to consider if you have sunny spot and like to have color. Here in BA it starts blooming in March, then after first flash, it blooms sporadically through the rest of the season. It gets leggy and branches fall to the sides if not trimmed. So do not hesitate to shear it after main flowering is over. It will keep the shape compact and dense, and more flowers will come.

It has been growing in my garden for several years happily and there were no pests. It is hardy in our zone and this year had a few blooms even in January.