Periwinkle (Vinca Minor) ‘Bowles’

Vinca minor

Vinca minor ‘Bowles’ (Periwinkle flower ‘Bowles’) is an evergreen perennial in zones 4-9, growing 3-6” tall and it’s trailing stems can be 18” long. Once established it spreads quickly and forms nice textured mat that looks attractive all year around. In spring it puts on a show if lavender-blue flowers, then continues to bloom intermittently through summer. It is a great groundcover that can grow in partial sun to shade. It prefers well drained rich soil, but will do tolerate clay and other soil types as long as it is watered regularly. When given perfect conditions it could become invasive and suffocate neighbouring plants. Use it under deciduous trees that have small leaves that will fall through, shrubs. It can be used as an alternative to grass lawn. Do not put it into beds and borders where it could become a problem.

Plant profile summary:

Name  Vinca minorBowles‘ (Periwinkle flower)
Zone/ Sunset Zone  4-9
Type:  evergreen perennial
Size/shape:  mat forming, fast spreading
Life Span:  long
Foliage/ Flower/ Fruits Type/ Color  green leaves, lavender-blue flowers in spring
Sun/ wind Exposure:  partial sun to shade
Water requirements:  water regularly
Soil requirements:  well draining, grows in variety of soils
Use:  groundcover under trees, shrubs
Attractions – special features:  deer resistant, showy flowers
Pests / Diseases:
Trimming  when needed to control size
Caution:  could be invasive