Sweet Pea Bush (Poligala fruticosa)

Sweet Pea Bush flowers

Polygala fruticosa (Sweet Pea Bush) “Petite Butterfly is a compact, rounded evergreen shrub that grows up to 3 feet wide and tall. Since it’s origin is South Africa, it does well in our area during hot weather and once established can be watered once a week. It can grow in full sun, but partial sun location would be the best.  The foliage has light bright green color and looks good all year. It’s purplish-pink flowers resemble the Sweet Pea flowers, although they have no scent. What is great about this shrub is that it blooms almost all season and in the middle of summer when many spring blooming plants are done you will have splash of color in the garden.  Perfect to use as foundation, border plant, or as the focal point in the perennial bed.

Plant profile summary:

Name  Polygala fruticosa “Petite Butterfly” (Sweet Pea Bush)
Zone/ Sunset Zone  9-10
Type:  evergreen shrub
Size/shape:  3×3
Life Span:
Foliage/ Flower/ Fruits Type/ Color  green leaves, flowers are purplish-pink color and resemble Sweet Pea flower
Sun/ wind Exposure:  full to  partial sun
Water requirements:  low, occasional water once established
Soil requirements:  tolerates clay soil if ammended with compost
Use:  foundation plantings, back of the bed, borders
Attractions – special features:  long blooming season, attractive all year
Pests / Diseases:  n/a
Trimming  as needed to keep in shape
Caution:  n/a