Willow-leaf Sarcococca (Sarcococca saligna )

Sarcococca saligna / Willowleaf sarcococca

Sarcococca saligna

Sarcococca saligna (Willow-leaf Sarcococca). Zones 7-9, Sunset 14-24. Very graceful soft looking sarcococca, 2-4 ft tall to 2-4 ft spread – arching branches with soft willow leaves – this dark green good looking guy is perfectly suited for Asian or Tropical inspired landscape, beautiful specimen plant in shady courtyard or container on a porch, great in combinations with ferns. Inconspicuous yellow-green flower with little on no fragrance follow by dark purple berries.
As it runs in the Family deer resistant, with practically no pests or diseases; sometimes infested by scales – easy to control – spray with light horticultural oil to smother.

Plant profile summary:

Name Sarcococca saligna (Willow-leaf Sarcococca).
Zone/ Sunset Zone Zones 7-9, Sunset 14-24
Type: sub-shrub, shrub
Size/shape: 2-3 ft x 2-4 ft, Arching branches, soft delicate look. Plantings seen in BA rarely grow above 2 ft tall.
Life Span: Long lived
Foliage/ Flower/ Fruits Type/ Color Evergreen long narrow leaves 3-4 in long x 0.3-0.5 in wide deep green, willow looking. Small inconspicuous yellow flowers – with little or no fragrance. Dark Purple-Black Fruits.
Sun/ wind Exposure: Shade inland BA/could take part shade coastal BA, no salt spray though.
Water requirements: Moderate, mulch heavily to preserve the moisture and minimize watering
Soil requirements: Acidic to slightly acidic, plenty of organic matter, good drainage, mulch heavily to preserve the moisture
Use: Under-story, Woodland planting, Overhang, entryways, foundation planting, specimen or container planting, screen
Attractions – special features: Winter flowering great fragrance, evergreen, deer resistant, can grow in full shade!
Pests / Diseases: N/A, sometimes infested by scales – easy to control – spray with light horticultural oil to smother.
Trimmming: N/A