Tree of the month June 2012 Grevillea robusta – Silk Oak

Grevillea robusta (Silk Oak)

During late spring and early summer while driving Freeways you’ve probably noticed these huge trees covered with unusual bright orange blooms. Have you ever wonder what are they? I did, but seeing them on freeways doesn’t help much. Finally, I found specimen growing in residential neighborhood and to my surprise this huge tree with fern-like foliage was Grevillea robusta (Silver Oak, Silk Oak)! Most of us more familiar with plants from Protea Family in much smaller packaging – groundcovers and shrubs to small trees with fine-textured needle-like foliage and curved spider-like flowers born in clusters, and Grevillea robusta just one more time reminds us how Grevilleas vary in size and appearance.

Starting late May and continue during June this giant – Grevillea robusta sure attracts lots of attention, unfortunately for some people pollen can be an allergen and can even trigger or aggravate asthma symptoms. Certainly this huge pyramidal tree is not for small residential lots, but big estates can enjoy the shade of these highly ornamental trees.

2 Responses to “Tree of the month June 2012 Grevillea robusta – Silk Oak”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I’ve just had my silk oak trimmed by a tree man .
    They chopped more out of the top and sides than I expected
    Will it thicken up and shoot out new growth ?
    Thanks Andrew Buchanan

  2. Nataly Says:

    Your Silk Oak more likely will be just fine. Grevillea robusta is known for the brittle wood that could broke in winds and heavy rains easily, so keeping its’ bigger limbs short not a bad idea, it will eventually thicken up with new grows. Better to give it regular but not so drastic trimming to keep nice appearance, do not let big branches overhang above the house or garden structures.
    Best gardening,

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